INFORAD Auto V3 external Antenna


V3 External antenna

Cable length – 5 metres

Size – 50x39x16mm

Weight – 110g

Operating temperature -40c to 85c



INFORAD Auto V3 external Antenna

This antenna is manufactured for vehicles with athermic windscreens or other windscreens that deteriorate the reception of GPS waves. Best performance is obtained by placing the antenna on the vehicle roof or boot lid. However, you can also place the antenna on the rear parcel shelf of the vehicle with a potential reduction in performance. The use of this antenna allows you to place your INFORAD box either inside the vehicle or in the passenger compartment.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Help & Docs

  • Inforad Manager 3.6 (all units except Ci et Smart) → Download


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