Stanley CHARGEiT – battery charger 6 & 12 Volt – 5 Ampere


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  • This Stanley battery maintenance worker. Automatically switches between charging mode and floating mode. Ideal for long term maintenance of batteries and irregular or seasonal vehicles. 3-stage high-frequency charging technology, produces high efficiency with pure direct current.

Product specifications

  • Brand: Stanley
  • Type: BC-209E
  • Colour: Yellow/Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage Output: 6 & 12 Volt
  • Fuse: of 5 amperes

Out of stock


This three-stage battery charger features a very fast charging technology, allowing the battery to be charged at a high speed and thus quickly ready for use. Automatically switches between charging and trickle charging. This makes the charger very suitable for fully recharging batteries that have not been in use for a long time. The charger has an output of 6V and 12V and a fuse of 5 amperes..

Additional information

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