Baby Blocks Playing Jumbo Blocks 20 Piece Building Stacking Blocks For Toddlers


· Let’s Play Baby Playing Blocks Jumbo Blocks

· 20 Piece Building Stacking Blocks for Toddlers/Infants

· With Numbers Animals Nursery Learning Educational Baby Playing Blocks


· Make this play block set, your baby’s first. With different sculpted animal and number shapes and colours, this play blocks set will be the favourite and will excite your children every single time. A fun, colourful and classic toy which in one little grab will support you and them in many ways.

· Learn with Stacking – 20 animal and number sculpted playing blocks to provide hours of fun and many development assets for your baby or toddler. Nor will they love stacking them up and knocking them back down, but they will be able to learn about different animals, colours and numbers.

· Support Your Childs Early Development – Encourage activity and play to support your baby’s early development. Along with having fun, this play blocks set will help develop numerous skills. The different sculpted animal and number shapes and bright colours will stimulate their mind to look, feel and be more curious to identify the toy. It will help their senses and improve their ability of movement, hearing, vision, sense and emotion.

· Encourage Active Play – With each block having different shapes sculpted on each side, these playing block will grab their attention and excite them. These playing blocks will encourage active play which will develop their imagination, creativity and intelligence. Bright colours and placing them above each other will encourage the little one to reach and grab them, which develops hand-eye coordination, awaken auditory awareness and assist motor skills.

· Perfect Playing Blocks Gift Set – If it’s a baby shower, birthday, Christmas or any celebration for the little one, this rattle set will be perfect. It will be the ideal first toy when they start developing their early skills.

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