INFORAD V4e+Battery

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Equipped with the famous SiRFstarIII processor, the INFORAD V4e guarantees optimal reception quality!

Look: Small, round and light, the V4e fits in the palm of your hand. Its metallic grey colour blends discreetly with any dashboard. Two buttons on the upper side and a translucent smoked front that elegantly conceals five tricolour light-emitting diodes.

On the technical side: the V4e naturally claims full compatibility with previous versions:

no installation required
melodies with clear sound adapted to each type of alert
adjusting the volume of the audible alarms
light scans adapted to each type of alert.


INFORAD Auto V4e+Battery

INFORAD signals the presence of risk zones

An essential partner for any driver, this small box placed on your dashboard will help you avoid speeding, preserve the points on your driving licence and enhance your safety.

INFORAD is safe and effective

Thanks to the GPS* system, INFORAD knows your vehicle’s position at all times and its processor compares it with the risk zones contained in its database. As soon as you enter a dangerous area, whether or not it is marked by a hazard, INFORAD immediately warns you with simple and understandable light and sound signals.

Other INFORAD features

Easy positioning in all vehicles, including trucks (12/24 volts)
Automatic database updates (Windows PC + Internet connection)
Free subscription to updates
Everyone can enter their own personal risk areas into the database.
Speed limiter” function for safety Possibility to memorise its course (recorder can be set)
Warranty extended to 2 years return to workshop.
Wide range of accessories: several accessories are now available for sale.
A control software, INFORAD MANAGER, has been specially designed to make the most of all the V4e’s capabilities. In particular, it integrates a unique function for this type of product: an interactive learning zone to help users better understand how their V4e works.

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