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The co-driver without borders
INFORAD Smart is a powerful driving assistance tool. Thanks to its 4gb SD card, all the roads in Europe are indicated to you. Its long-lasting battery gives you unprecedented autonomy. Its telephone module allows you to report and stay informed in real time of dangers encountered on the road thanks to the community exchange between Club members.

New features, such as the nature of the hazards encountered and the indication of gear changes in the same danger zone, make your driving safer than ever.

Its high level of technology, power and design make it an exceptional product.
In addition, the latest generation components used make it possible to optimise the price and thus make it accessible to the greatest number of people.

The only true communicator on the market
INFORAD Smart also allows you to receive phone calls and SMS messages. What’s more, to increase your peace of mind, it puts you in touch with the emergency services (Police / Fire Brigade) by a simple press on the remote control.


A foot in the future
The Ci is futuristic and incorporates the latest generation of high-tech electronic components:

64-channel AtlasV SiRF GPS
use of the EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) service
3” high resolution colour screen
64 MB DDR2 SDRAM memory to speed up processing
GSM/GPRS TELIT GE865 quad-band module for the telephone function
powerful 1400 mAh Li-Ion battery (long battery life)
integrated HERE (formerly Navteq) cartography (it is not displayed but allows you to recognise the route used to suppress false alarms)
an ARM11 processor at 600 Mhz, the operating system integrates a real-time “state machine” for unequalled precision and processing speed.
The display is inspired by aeronautical technology, which facilitates perception and memorization.

A revolution in fastening
The Ci Inforad also innovates in terms of fixing the Ci Inforad by offering a revolutionary self-adhesive suction cup holder for exceptional hold on the dashboard or windscreen.

A remote control for safety
Unlike other products on the market, INFORAD maximises safety by equipping the Ci with a remote control at the steering wheel for both right- and left-handed drivers.
Ultimate safety: each button on the remote control is identifiable by touch, allowing the driver to fully concentrate on driving the vehicle with his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road.

2.00€ subscription per month

Inforad Smart units require paid updates via a subscription for only 2 euros per month, with a minimum 12 month subscription.

Accuracy of information
At the forefront of technology, INFORAD has integrated EGNOS right from the design stage, allowing INFORAD Ci to have GPS precision to the nearest metre. Thanks to this precision, INFORAD Ci is the only one to permanently display the authorised speeds throughout your journeys with the precise names of roads and streets.

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