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INFORAD Moto: the first risk zone warning system dedicated to motorbikes

Just like our car alarms, the INFORAD Moto is a risk zone warning system, designed and developed in Europe, specially dedicated to the world of motorcycling. Installed on your motorbike, INFORAD will help you avoid speeding, preserve the points on your driving licence and increase your safety.

INFORAD Moto’s essential function is to alert the rider in real time of the proximity of a dangerous area, whether or not it is marked by a hazard, in order to avoid excessive and dangerous braking due to the rider’s surprise.



INFORAD is safe and efficient.

Thanks to the GPS system, INFORAD Moto knows the position of your vehicle at all times and its processor compares it with the risk zones contained in its database. As soon as you enter a dangerous area, whether or not it is marked by a hazard, INFORAD Moto warns you immediately with simple and understandable light signals.

Unlike the car, the motorbike environment has climatic, installation and discretion constraints. INFORAD Moto takes these different constraints into account in its design. Thus, the product is divided into two parts:

a fixed part, installed on the vehicle which we call “Support”.
a removable part that contains the essential electronics and plugs into the support, which we call “Cartridge”.

The choice to create two distinct parts was motivated by the need to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the GPS part in order to update the database of risk areas contained in the device’s memory, without having to dismantle the entire device.


INFORAD Moto is updated using Inforad Manager software, which can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

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  • Inforad Manager 3.6 (all units except Ci et Smart) → Download


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